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Why do you give free money?

In fact we don't give money for free. This is our user acquisition strategy. When you signed up and started using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...etc, you were never paid to open an account and willingly, you became an unpaid advertising agent; here we pay you to become a user and have you invite others through our referral system and get paid for it, how awesome! Our income depends on how many people you can invite from your ID URL. Your earn a portion of our income through Mega - it's as simple as that. It's fair, no one is harmed.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Firstly, we are NOT asking you to pay us anything. Secondly, we are not asking you to invite the whole world, just a minimum of 2 will do - if you are like us, most people know at least 2 people. However, our minimum payout is 10$ so you will need to have at least 100 visitors to your link - just share your link on social media with the message: Visit this link and get paid 25 bucks. Thirdly, this referral program will be closing soon - IT'S NOT FOREVER, so first come first served.

How does it work?

When you visit this site, our system will create a special URL ID for you with your browser cookie. This URL ID  only applies to the browser that you are currently using. You can use this URL ID to invite other people to visit this site, for everyone who visits through your URL ID you will receive a sum of money that you can withdraw through Paypal.

How much income do I get?

Nobody knows for sure about this. This depends on how many visitors on your URL ID. We paid $10 for 100 visitors. If in a day you can bring 1000 visitors then you will be paid $100/day, or $1000/week and $4000/month.

When will I get paid?

You will receive payment after your balance reaches a minimum of $25. Payment can only be requested via a Paypal account. Make sure that you have a valid Paypal account.

Do I need to register?

We get it...You don't like to register and we don't want your data. But what if someone steals your link? How will we know it's your link? So just log into Mega before you start copying and sharing your link. You can only withdraw from inside Mega So when you make a withdrawal, we only need your Paypal email address to make payment.

What happens if I use a proxy or a bot?

Our system always detects any abnormal activity in your ID URL traffic. If we find cheating, we will delete your URL ID including your balance.

What happens if I clean my browser cookie?

Be careful. If you clean your browser's cookies, then we will reset your URL ID. And this means you will lose your previous URL ID including the balance in it.

I need further information, how to contact you?

You can contact us via the Contact page. We always respond to every question from our users in less than 24 hours.
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